CT Farm PRO Terminology

BTC — (abbreviation) Bitcoin.

Dashboard — your farm management and monitoring tool. There you can add, control the performance and condition, and set the work hours of connected PCs or Workers.

Earning tools — connected PCs and Workers used for mining in CT Farm PRO.

Hashrate — is the speed at which a computer performs cryptographic calculations. The more speed you have — the faster you get income. Hashrate is measured in hashes per second — H/s.

Miner — a Windows/macOS powered computer or laptop that has CryptoTab Farm mining software installed on it.

Worker — the special feature provided by CT Farm PRO that allows you to try CryptoTab Mining and earn BTC without personal hardware. It gives an option to manage Worker as your own hardware, make schedulers, and use all other features of the app dashboard. Each Worker corresponds to a certain hashrate (speed) and hardware configuration. Understanding these parameters will help you plan and predict your CT Farm PRO income.