You’re one step away from earning Bitcoin

Take your slice of the crypto pie! Create a crypto farm in one move — even without PC. Install the app, activate the Worker feature, and start earning Bitcoin right away.

Start Earning Welcome to the CryptoTab Farm!

Manage with ease — earn like a pro!

With CT Farm PRO you can gain Bitcoin the way you like! Connect an unlimited number of computers or activate the Worker feature to enjoy crypto farming without any equipment.

  • Manage easily

    Anyone can build and control a crypto farm with CT Farm PRO. The app is designed to be convenient for beginners and pros.

  • Withdraw anytime

    Your funds — your decisions. Withdraw your earnings as often as you like with no minimum limit!

  • No limits

    Use Workers or connect any number of hardware — there are no limitations. As well as, there is no cap on your BTC income.

Get the app Dashboard Learn more Welcome to the CryptoTab Farm!

How to add Worker?

To activate Worker and earn BTC without any hardware, follow these simple steps.

  • Sign in

    Install the web or mobile app. Create an account and access the dashboard.

  • Add Worker

    Find the plus sign and select Add Worker.

  • Set up and purchase

    Customise your Worker: choose hashrate and period. Subscribe or make a one-time purchase.

Start Earning
Welcome to the CryptoTab Farm!

Install CT Farm PRO

To install CT Farm PRO on your device, scan the QR code with your camera; or tap the buttons below to navigate to the desired store or to the Web version.

Scan this QR code with your device