What Is Schedule and How to Use It?

The CryptoTab algorithm uses the idle power of the computer. Earning crypto will be more efficient when the computer is not occupied or when processes with low resource consumption are running on it.

Knowing the load schedule of computers connected to the farm, you can set their work periods — adjust the speed for each day of the week and each hour. For the convenience of use, there are various speed modes available: from 5% to 100% with a 5% step. Different speeds correspond to various colours in the scheduler.

Usually, during each hour there could only be one certain speed. However, if your app and computer are located in different time zones, then you may have different speeds even within one hour. In such a case, this hour in your scheduler will be highlighted not in one but two colours.

You can set up the schedule for each computer separately or for the entire group. In both cases, you can adjust the schedule by clicking on two dots to the right of the PC or group name and then Schedule.

In the case of using the Worker, the scheduler does not apply if the Worker requires user interaction.