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CT Farm x Android

CT Farm PRO is Now on Android!

Try All Possibilities of CryptoTab Farms

CT Farm app expands horizons — now the PRO version is available on all mobile platforms: iOS and Android! Earn BTC and manage your farm from everywhere on Earth using any device.

CT Farm PRO offers everything you need to become a successful crypto farmer and more. In the PRO version, as usual, you can connect any amount of hardware to your farm without any limits and get a steady income. And if you don’t have a PC, there is also a solution for you in the app — just try the innovative Worker feature.

In addition to these benefits, in CT Farm PRO, there is no need to buy slots to add Workers and hardware. You can easily make purchases and activate subscriptions to set up a smooth operation of your farm and earn BTC without any pauses.

Now is a perfect time. Start your crypto journey and let CT Farm PRO drive you to success!


Published: 06.02.2023

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