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Conquer Greater Heights!

Expand Your Farm without Limits!

Expand Your Farm without Limits!

Do not limit yourself! Say goodbye to days when you had to ask yourself whether you have enough slots for your farm or not! CT Farm PRO is here to offer you an unlimited hardware space — so you can add as many PCs and Workers as you want!

That is the best opportunity to grow the greatest crypto farm and start earning BTC! All you need for that is to:

1. Download and install CT Farm worker software on your PC

2. Set up hashrate and schedule of your hardware

3. Connect your computer using a QR code with a mobile app or other connection methods

4. And enjoy your BTC income!

And if you do not own a PC, there is a solution for you! Try out our helpful Worker feature and start earning — right from your mobile device!

CT Farm PRO is the best choice for the most convenient crypto farm! So no time to hesitate, hop in, and enjoy your digital goldmine!


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Using CryptoTab Farm Got More Convenient

At CryptoTab, we always listen to our users and strive to make our products more convenient and easy to use for each and every one! That is why we expanded our language range and added — Brazilian Portuguese to CryptoTab Farm app!

Mining farm with no investments

From this day on, you will no longer need a subscription to connect your hardware to the farm — now easily earn money on mining without investments!

Half Price for the Pool Miner

We’re constantly trying to make our products available to everyone so that all our users get acquainted with the world of cryptocurrency easily as well as at a minimal cost. And due to the Bitcoin price fluctuation, we decided to make everything even more accessible: we minimized the Pool Miner prices so you can maximize your profit! Yes, now our prices for Pool Miners have been reduced and your discount will reach –50%! This is the best time to learn how to mine and of course, introduce Pool Miners to your friends!
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