Get BTC without a PC

The special Worker feature allows you to create your own crypto farm and get income without the need to own a PC! Explore all CT Farm features, find out how to work with crypto farms, and later decide what hardware you will need in the future.

Why do You Need Worker?

You are only starting your crypto journey and don’t know a lot about farms. Worker is your opportunity to explore farming, see how it works, and start earning even if you do not own a PC.
Time to start!

You want to build a farm but don’t know which hardware to get. Worker is your opportunity to check which configurations suit your needs and plan an estimated income.
Get BTC now!

You are a professional in the crypto industry looking for the fastest way to expand your farm or build a greater one. Worker is your perfect opportunity to do it at ease.
Conquer greater heights!

Beginner or Expert — Worker is a Perfect Choice for You!

Explore your Options
Choose a Worker with hashrate and configurations you like the most. Explore all CT Farm possibilities without a need for a PC!
Earn BTC
There are no limits and no commissions so you can earn as much Bitcoin as you wish! It is your time to act!
Grow Your Farm
Add more Workers and connect all of your idle computers. Watch your farm and income grow right before your eyes!

Withdraw with No Fees at Any Time

Manage your funds exactly the way you want: get profit and withdraw it at any moment with no commission!

Best Way to Starting Farming

Find out how easy it is to start your crypto journey and earn your first income in the short video below!

Simple Steps to Add Workers

Start your crypto journey now using the special Worker feature and later decide what hardware you will need in the future

Get the CT Farm app
Create an account and access the dashboard
Click the plus sign at the bottom of the dashboard and then Add Worker
Choose if you want to purchase or subscribe to the Worker, activate it, and start earning!

It is Time to Act! Try Workers on your Mobile Device –

New to CT Farm?

CT Farm is your way of conquering new heights and getting sky-high BTC income! Create your own crypto farm even without a PC and expand it as much as you want! Check the list of features and see how easy it is to join the crypto community and start earning!

Full Control with Convenient Dashboard

Earn BTC and manage your farm from everywhere on Earth! All needed managements are available on the dashboard that you can access from the desktop and any Android or iOS mobile device!

Connect your Hardware with No Limits

Expand your crypto farm and connect all Windows or macOS computers you own in just a few clicks with no limitations! The bigger the farm — the more BTC you get!

Make Groups and Set Their Schedule

Group your hardware together and make it work in the most efficient way. Set groups’ work period and hashrate, so they start bringing income automatically whenever you need.

Always Be in Touch with Your Farm

Get notified of any action happening on the farm. Hardware got disconnected, it is running too hot, or working process paused — you immediately know about it! Choose what notifications you want to get right in the app.

All Current Statistics Available at Any Time

All needed information is in your hand — balance, CPU threads used, overheating protection. Keep track of your farm and adjust settings to get the best results!

Time to Act! You are just One Step Away from Your First BTC Income!

CT Farm is more than just an app — it is your opportunity to open the easiest way to high and long-term earnings in BTC! Create your farm today, get your desired Workers, expand it, and let CT Farm drive you to success!