How Do I Add Hardware with QR Code?

  1. Download and install the CT Farm mining software on the hardware you want to use on your farm;
  2. On the appeared window, click Add Miner to your Farm. You will see the QR code needed for connection — do not close it;
  3. Go over to CT Farm PRO app on your mobile device;
  4. Click on the plus sign and then Scan QR code;
  5. Scan the QR code that you opened on your PC;
  6. Confirm adding the PC by clicking Add on the appeared window;
  7. You have successfully added your hardware and now can use it for earning BTC!

All added hardware initially appears in the Default group. You can move them to any other groups or create a new one for them.

Keep in mind: check the access rights settings of your mobile device to use the CT Farm PRO internal QR code scanner.