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4 More Cryptos to Pay on Web

4 More Cryptos to Pay on Web

СT Farm PRO is raising the bar. Have you already tried BTC payments on your farm? Now you can make quick and easy purchases on the Web with four more popular cryptocurrencies.

The crypto world has a lot to offer. Our task is to provide you with the possibility to benefit from the diversity. In addition to BTC, payments in ETH, MATIC, SOL, and CryptoTab Coin are now accepted in the CT Farm PRO on the Web. Make purchases with coins that suit you best and save on lower commissions.

Put your assets to good use and make them work for you. Buy Workers, activate subscriptions — pay in the crypto of your choice. Pump the farm to increase your income.

Growing your farm and profit couldn’t be easier. Check new payment possibilities!


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Faster and Steadier: CryptoTab Farm Upgraded

Let us announce: we have just improved the CryptoTab Farm, so managing the farm from your smartphone has gotten even simpler, more convenient, and more intuitive.

Expansion of crypto mining farms around the globe

Crypto Farms are hitting the headlines every week and interest in mining has become explosive. Meanwhile, certain companies tend to build their own huge mining farms and strive for bigger profits. Let’s have a glance at several major crypto farms and focus on recent trends.
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