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Halloween Giveaway is over!
Spooky Giveaway results: Find yourself among the winners!

The dark forces are once again leaving their hiding places. This year we've managed to use their magic for good — the dark powers of ghosts, vampires and zombies are transformed into 13 spooky digital collectibles. Each token is an inexhaustible source of BTC income for an entire year, until next Halloween.

We want to thank everyone who participated in this giveaway and now it is time for the most important thing

Thirteen people won 13 magical tokens that will bring them untold riches for an entire year. Maybe you are one of them? It is time to find out!

And don't feel sad if you're not a winner this time. In the nearest future there will be even more incredible promotions, discounts and events waiting for you! So just stay in touch!

Look for yourself on the list of winners!


Published: 08.11.2022

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Breaking limits for CTB Max and Pro

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Mining has become even more efficient!

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