Got questions about CryptoTab Farm PRO Miner?

Check also our App FAQ to clarify your vision about CryptoTab Farm and its income-generating potential.

1. Download and installation

How to install the CT Farm miner?

Our easy two-click software installation provides the instant start of mining on your computer.

First, to download the CT Farm, click on the “Download” button on our website. Mostly, your download starts automatically, if not, click here. Then, to complete installation, follow these steps:

1. Open the installation file from the Downloads folder, double-click it to start the installation.

2. Accept the Terms & Conditions by clicking on the “I agree” button and choose the destination folder if the default one is not suitable for you.

3. Wait until the installation is complete. Tick the “Update automatically” and “Run CT Farm” boxes (optional).

4. Click “Finish” to close the installation window.

CT Farm miner supports PCs and laptops with Windows and Mac OS and allows you to start mining on an ongoing basis without extra investments.

How to install the CT Farm miner already connected to the farm?

1. To download the miner that already has an identification number (ID) to your farm, follow the relevant section of the app’s FAQ

2. To install the miner, follow the installation steps 1-4

Why do I need to restart my computer after installation?

To reach the highest hashrate when mining, you should restart your PC first to free some of the computer resources. HugePages are an example of such resources involved in the mining process as its essential component. By releasing them, your mining speed will boost drastically by 40-60%.

2. Use of CT Farm miner

What is the auto-start?

If the “Auto-start” option is active, your mining process will start automatically and minimize to the tray. If the auto-start is disabled you should launch the miner manually, and in such case, it does not automatically minimize to the tray.

What is the remote control?

The remote control feature is needed to control and check the work of your miner from your mobile app’s dashboard. To enable this feature, you should turn on the “Remote control” in the bottom right of your CT Farm miner interface.

Keep in mind that if the owner of the PC doesn’t allow remote control, the functionality in the dashboard will be limited: you can only monitor this computer, view statistics, track the current mining speed, core temperature, and receive notifications, but can’t manage it remotely. To learn more, check the app FAQ page

How to change the mining speed?

The speed is changed manually by using the slider (both in the app and in the miner). Speed in mining depends on the number of threads used for it. Moving the slider you can set the CPU threads load and choose how many of them will be involved in mining.

Don’t forget that speed could also be set in the scheduler.

How to set up the scheduler?

To set up the scheduler, click the “Scheduler” button. Adjust the suitable speed for each day of the week or each hour following the computers’ workloads and your preferences. It is most efficient to set higher speed when your miners have more free resources, as it always equals higher income.

How to change the interface language?

In the bottom right corner of your CT Farm miner interface, you can find the language icon - change the language by clicking on it, if needed. The language of the Activity log will also be changed automatically.

3. More features

What is the Activity log?

The Activity log is a report of all mining activities performed on your computer. You can find the Activity log in the bottom right panel of your CT Farm miner interface. All the core details of your mining process are recorded into this log, including the following actions: start, stop, pause, speed change, scheduler change, auto-start, and many more.

How to change to the dark theme?

To change to the dark theme, click on the “Moon” icon in the bottom right panel of your CT Farm miner interface. To change back on the light theme, click again on the “Sun” icon.

What are the two green/red line dots for?

The two green/red line dots you can find at the bottom left of your miner interface indicate the current status of the dashboard and mining pool (connected/disconnected).

Dashboard connection is used to communicate with CryptoTab Infrastructure and remote control while mining pool connection is used to receive mining tasks only.

What to do if the dashboard is offline?

If the dashboard is offline, you will see the corresponding indicator in the bottom left corner of your miner’s interface and the “Connection Error” warning. Wait for a couple of minutes or press “Try Again”. If this doesn’t help, check your Internet connection and contact our support team .

What to do if the mining pool is offline?

If the mining pool is offline, you will see the corresponding indicator in the bottom left corner of your miner’s interface and the “Connection Error” warning. Wait for a couple of minutes or press “Try Again”. If this doesn’t help, check your Internet connection and contact our support team .

What is the temperature in the miner’s interface? What is it for?

Your miner informs you of the 4 most heavily loaded processor cores in your computer and displays their temperature. Such data helps you to understand when your computer is overloaded and avoid system congestion.

4. Starting, stopping, and running the miner

Why can’t I see the miner?

The miner could be minimized to the tray after the start. To unfold it, click the corresponding icon in the tray and you will see the full miner interface. You can start/stop it or check the temperature of your miner just by right-clicking on the tray, without opening the full interface.

Why doesn’t mining start automatically after rebooting my PC?

To start mining automatically, just turn on the “Auto-start” option in your miner.

Why doesn't the miner stop immediately?

If you press the "Off" button (or set the speed to zero), the miner will not stop immediately because it takes up to 30 seconds to free computer resources including memory and the CPU cores.

Why do maximum threads sometimes work worse than one thread less?

If you use all the threads for mining and load your PC with any other process (e.g. you type or surf the Net), the system might respond with delay. This could affect not only the comfort of your surfing but also the efficiency of your mining process. So we recommend keeping one thread free in case you use a PC for something else apart from mining.

5. Earnings and withdrawals

How to withdraw my BTC right?

1. Connect your miner to your farm using the QR-code, if it is not connected yet. Follow the instructions in the app’s FAQ

2. The withdrawal will be available immediately in your CryptoTab Farm app. The number of withdrawals is unlimited and always commission-free. You can withdraw your earnings anytime to any Bitcoin wallet without a minimum withdrawal limit. Find out more

What is the QR code and what is it for?

The QR code is meant to connect your miner to the farm so you can manage the processes more efficiently from your mobile device. Click on the QR code and follow the instructions. When your miner is connected to your farm you can control it remotely and make withdrawals. Follow the link to learn more.

How often is the balance refreshed in my miner?

The earned balance updates automatically every 5 minutes – you can refresh it manually by clicking on the corresponding button in the upper right corner of the program’s interface.

6. Notifications and warnings

Why is there the “Reboot computer” notification?

If you see the “Reboot computer” notification, restarting your PC is recommended.

Why is there the “Miner Update Required” notification?

This means your miner didn’t manage to update automatically. You can try to update it manually by starting CT Farm Updater in the CT Farm folder. If the notification persists, reinstall your mining software or contact our support team .

Why is there the “Missing miner ID” notification?

This means your miner could not connect to the CryptoTab ecosystem with your miner ID because it is already in use or is missing. To fix the issue, you will need to reinstall your mining software.