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Why is my bitcoin transaction taking so long? 😠

The vast majority of our users withdraw their BTC quickly and on time, but in exceptional cases, some of you have to wait longer.

πŸ”₯ Why?

Check out several reasons why your transaction can be pending for a longer period of time:

πŸ”Š We take maximum care of our users, so CryptoTab keeps the minimum withdrawal amount β€” only 0.00001 BTC. The low minimum payout allows users to withdraw funds several times a day. At the same time, tens of thousands of payments are being processed and form huge transactions. During periods of heavy traffic on the blockchain network, the number of unconfirmed transactions in mempool increases. In this regard, transactions of a large size, with the commission already fixed, can take much longer time.

πŸ”Š Elon Musk has recently dived in numerous high-profile tweets about Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. It increases the number of transactions β€” people start buying, selling β€” and that overloaded the market and influenced the transactions all around the world and the pending time as well.

πŸ”Š If you see the text "The transaction does not exist", do not panic. All of your transactions are linked to each other. So if the previous one is not confirmed, your current transaction will not be confirmed or displayed either. Please, wait until all the previous transactions are confirmed first.

πŸ”Š If your transaction has been stuck on pending for a while, don’t stress. You are sure to get all your money onto your account anyway, and we at CryptoTab always fulfill our obligations! Just keep in mind the mentioned above factors! πŸ‘†

We hope this info is enough to calm you down. So, next time you withdraw, instead of panickimg, get back to this article and reread it!

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Published: 16.02.2021

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