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CT NFT: Pleasant Upgrade and It’s Celebration

It is quite difficult to assemble an atomic reactor at home or to create and program a humanoid robot. Technology has to go the way of simplification to become accessible to any user. Personal computers remained the preserve of a select few until Windows turned the world upside down.

We don't claim to leap at this magnitude, but now the revolutionary technology of NFT Mining has become even more affordable and profitable for all users!

First, the CT NFT Android app is already available on Google Play and will soon be available for iOS through the App Store.

Second, Quick Mode for tokens purchase was released in CT NFT. Now you can select the perfect mining token in just a few seconds with a couple of sliders!

In celebration of this pleasant update, we're giving all users an extra 20% discount on the purchase of any number of tokens in Quick Mode! Choose the perfect mining for the most profitable period. And don't forget that with the token duration increase decreases its cost per month, while the discount and efficiency of mining, on the contrary, skyrocket!

Increase your investments in BTC up to 8 times in CT NFT!


Published: 04.02.2023

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