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Meet Our Limited Offer!
Get Double Referral Profit On All Levels

Our brand new offer is hard to resist!

Until the end of November, we will pay you a double referral percentage on all levels of your mining network! Involving new people into your referral network will now bring you twice as much profit: for instance, the 15% commission of your 1st level referrals’ mining will increase to 30%, the 10% from the 2nd level – to 20%, and so on.

Your overall earnings will depend on your referrals’ mining hashrate, so inviting more users to install Cloud.Boost is in your self-interest: inspire your friends to upgrade their hashrate with Cloud.Boost, and you will earn more yourself.

Simple as that: the more boosts your referrals have, the more profit you will get! Tell your friends how to mine 2, 15 or 100 times more – and don’t forget about our promo materials – they are always here to help you grow your network!

Making twice as much profit on all referral levels up to the 10th has hardly ever been easier!

Keep in mind that this is a limited offer, so hurry up to boost your passive income!


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Bitcoin hits $72k!

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We give x2 hashrate in CT Pool!

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Convenient, fast and free: huge update in CTB Lite

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