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Crypto Revolution

Now Purchase With Bitcoins!

Now Purchase With Bitcoins!

Two of your biggest crypto dreams came true! Great changes have arrived and now everything is possible in the CT Farm PRO on the Web.

Payments are on

We’ve added the ability to make purchases right from the Web version. No mobile device is needed — you can expand your crypto farm directly from your browser. Becoming a successful farmer has become easier!

BTC payments aссepted

Ta-dah! The Web Farm also goes crypto-friendly. From this moment on, make purchases and pay in BTC with no limits. Use your crypto funds to increase hashrate, build a lucrative farm, and mine more bitcoins. Easy, convenient, and without extra clicks.

Are you a mobile Farm user? Log into the Web version with your account and enjoy simple crypto payments.

BTC payments are already available — now everything is in your hands.


Recently Added


Countdown Begins: Bitcoin Halving to Change Mining Rewards

Don’t miss a unique chance to earn from mining BTC! Less than a year from now, the next Bitcoin halving will take place, reducing mining rewards in half. But today you are in a moment of great opportunity, and here’s why:

Connect MetaMask for One-click Payments

Welcome to the future of payments! CT Farm PRO is opening the gates to the Web3 world and making transactions easier than ever. After introducing crypto payments on the Web Farm, we take the next step and give you more tools that blockchain technologies provide.

4 More Cryptos to Pay on Web

СT Farm PRO is raising the bar. Have you already tried BTC payments on your farm? Now you can make quick and easy purchases on the Web with four more popular cryptocurrencies.
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