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The Legend of Chain: Pool Mining Test Drive
Level 2: CT Pool Test Drive goes x2!

The first level has been successfully completed! CT Pool Test Drive of new mining algorithms is well underway and today is the first upgrade, as the Test goes to the second level!

This means that the possibilities for users have expanded even further!

The CryptoTab Love Vibes collection now has a new token that gives its owners twice as much hash rate. It's time to up the speed to 20,000 H/s!

Here's a great tip for getting past the second level:

More speed More mining More income

But that's not all: finishing the second level brings the discovery of unique features that have not yet been introduced in any other service in the ecosystem! Very soon, Test Drive participants will be the first to try them out.

Proceed to the second level!


Published: 17.05.2023

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CT Pool Test Drive successfully completed!

CT Pool Test Drive successfully completed!

More than 9 months ago CT Pool Limited Test Drive started! During this time tens of thousands of users joined the test drive of the unique pool mining technology and fully utilized the features of new NFT collections: Age of Eggs I-II and III-IV, Positive and Love Vibes!
Bitcoin hits $62k!

Bitcoin hits $62k!

Less than a month ago, we talked about Bitcoin being the main cryptocurrency of our time, which is coming back again and again even after falls. Today, Bitcoin has already reached the $62,000 USD mark!
Bitcoin mining is easier than shopping in supermarket

Bitcoin mining is easier than shopping in supermarket

CT Pay reaches a new level of convenience in the CryptoTab ecosystem! Instant bank card payments are now available in all products using CT Pay! You no longer need to fumble with your crypto wallet, exchange currencies or make transactions yourself: now mining is no different than going to the supermarket. Except that unlike the latter, mining generates real income!